I enjoy the human element of video games the most, such as playing with multiple people in the same room. I’d love to explore the various avenues of human interaction, like changing player’s roles. I’d love to make a game that facilitates a “Game Master”.

LA Death Disk by Beau Blyth is a head-to-head sporting event from the retro-future! Use your jetpack and jumping skills to grab the disk and toss it into the goal. Don’t hold the disk too long, or it will explode! Beau excels at crafting this type of competitive gameplay (as can be seen in the exceptional 0Space and Samurai Gunn). Even at this early stage in development, LA Death Disk is already incredibly fun.

Beau is making LA Death Disk exclusively for the LA/GS Game Pack. Donate $15 to LA Game Space to get LA Death Disk along with over 30 other games you can’t get anywhere else!